Bentley Custom Fit Car and Truck Floor Mats

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Unlike other mat options out there, Pants Saver Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats are designed with your Bentley in mind. Due to the accuracy of the measurements, the mats fit perfectly to your Bentley's footwell, meaning full coverage and absolute protection for your Bentleys interior.

Do you want a car mat that will add value to your Bentley? Then do not let this custom fit car mat out of your sights. It offers the best value for money there is, yet it consistently offers optimal performance and boasts of top quality.

Its overall design and features are positioned to provide users with the ultimate car mat experience. No wonder, Pants Saver Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats has got rave reviews and comes highly recommended.

Long Lasting Bentley car mats

Perfect for all temperature ranges, these mats took a step further and will handle spills, water, heat, cold, and debris making them the best choice to protect and update the interior of your Bentley.

And that’s not all

Lifetime warranty, protection and quality are the hallmarks of Pants Saver Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats. That is why the mats are made from high standard recycled PVC materials and a practically functional patent Central pan.

  • Durable- made from sturdy, authentic materials that can withstand extreme handling.
  • Cost efficient- affordable, protects your car today, save cost on future repairs.
  • Non-skid- unique features like micro hooks and three security systems help to keep the mats in place.
  • Customized to suit your taste plus custom fit for all passenger and cargo footwells.
  • Able to hold up to 16 oz. of water in its Central pan.
  • A prominent lip on the outside to catch spills, debris and dirt.
  • Easy DIY Installation and cleaning- remove, wash, and return, it’s that simple!

And just in case you’re not satisfied with the fit, you can get your money back, that’s a promise and a guarantee!

Not only does these Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats protect your car, but they also add elegance to your ride. With these mats, style is at your feet minus the mess.


Some facts about Bentley you probably don’t know about

  • In 1919, Walter Owen Bentley established Bentley in England as a 3-liter engine, four cylinders, and single overhead camshaft.
  • Primarily a racing car, it was a winner of the prestigious Le Mans trophy.
  • Bentley was acquired by the German company- Volkswagen Group in 1998.
  • It still maintains a manufacturing plant in the Crewe factory in England.
  • The huge headlights of the Bentley is one of its easily recognizable features
  • Bentley manufactured aeroplane engines during World War I.
  • The flying “B” insignia was first introduced on the 1920 Bentley.

However, one fact remains, Pants Saver Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats will do your Bentley a world of good. Don't settle for ordinary; your Bently deserves only top-notch treatments- let Pants Saver Custom Fit Bentley Car Mats handle the dirt and mess, while you enjoy a dry, clean and stylish ride.

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