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Pants Saver Custom Fit Hummer Car Mats

When you need the perfect floor covering for your Hummer’s footwell, then the ingenious and affordable Pants Saver Custom Fit Hummer Car Mats fits the bill awesomely. With these mats you will have no trouble preventing mess from damaging your vehicle’s interior.

For 25- years, Pant Saver has manufactured and sold thousands of car mats in North America. The reputation has grown to become a premier brand associated with quality Hummer mats that surpasses industry standards in safety, performance and durability.

Whether it is liquid spills, snow, dirt, or unwanted materials from your shoes, our car mats feature advanced engineering and design to help protect your Hummer ride effortlessly.

  • Unique patented Pant Saver Central Pan that can hold 16oz. of liquid
  • Targeted water channels helps direct liquid to the central pan
  • Wear resistant 100% recycled PVC
  • High borders to prevent spillovers
  • Micro hooks and a special three security systems helps ensure the mats are anti-skid
  • Strategically located ridges in the central pan holds and traps dirt, mud, snow, liquids and sand

A special laser measuring system means they will fit perfectly into your ride’s interior and contours- no extra cutting or manipulation required. Engineered for the perfect fit, it makes installation easy and effortless in less than a minute without the need for screws, fasteners, or bolts.

Eco-Friendly, odorless and non- toxic plus a guaranteed to fit or your money back policy and a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking should keep your mind at ease when deciding on these custom fit mats for Hummers you can always get near you.

Advanced and insistence on quality materials ensure that the Custom fit Hummer mats are exceptionally durable in all weather conditions. And when the temperature drops below -60C (76° F), they will remain flexible and durable just like new- no curling, hardening or cracking!

Looking for a stunning Custom Fit Hummer mats that exceed performance expectation that’s suits your budget? Your search ends here and now- contact us today, we will be glad to help!


Relatively short lived, the memories of the SUV we all came to love lingers, perhaps ageless. Plagued with controversies, eye catching and the start of many conversations, this is the history and facts of the Hummer.

Military origins

In 1979, American Motors General was contracted by the US armed forces to conceive and develop a military vehicle. The “High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle" (HMMWV) popularly known as the “Humvee” was thus born.

This sparked an idea- a civilian version with robust capabilities that will boast incredible rough terrain capabilities.

A limited edition

However, the Hummer had to wait until 1992 when the first Hummer H1 was made public. It was a limited edition but won the heart of many enthusiasts. The H1 enjoyed the monopoly of been known as the “Hummer” for most part of the decade

Then there was a partnership

Cue the H2

In 1999 the Hummer H2 was born. It was built on General Motors’ SUV chassis; the product of an affair between American Motors General and Ford Motor Company.

Ahead of the pack

Built to be rugged, the Hummer is ahead of other vehicles with outstanding off-road performance.

Celebrity love

The Hummer won the heart of many celebrities, prominent among them then was Arnold Schwarzenegger before he became governor.

Curtain call

In 2006, Hummer H1 Alpha was built. H2 and H3 models continued to have their day in the sun. However, as petrol prices soared sales began to drop and by 2008 it had dropped to 50% from the last year.

By 2010, a Chinese company, the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd attempted to buy off the Hummer brand from General Motors. Unfortunately the move did not materialize.

In a sad turn of event, GM announced in 2010 that it will end manufacturing of the Hummer brand and by 2012 manufacturing plants ceased production.

Premium Protection. Built-in Safety.

Better protection than any competitive mat.

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Patented Central Pan

The Pants Saver Custom Fit unique central pan outperforms competing mats by trapping up to 500 ml (16 oz.) of water to help keep water and dirt from damaging your car or clothing.

High border

Maximum spill protection keeps water from leaking out into your car.

Built-in grooves

Raised grooves channel water and dirt from your boots and shoes into the central pan.

Anti-slip zone

Increases your driving security by maximizing your feet adherence to the car mat.

Precision grip zone

A strategically placed band featuring micro-hooks is embedded at the back of your mat to help it grip the vehicle carpet and prevent slippage.

Anti-skid backing

Hundreds of strategically placed "nibs" at the back of your mat holds it in place.

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