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Pants Saver Custom Fit Porsche Car Mats

The reliable and extremely durable PantSaver custom fit car mats keep away mess and liquid from your ride’s floor like no other. State of the art technology, practical design and functional features makes protecting your Porsche value a must have.

It’s a true specialist in keeping your car’s floor dry and preserving your vehicle prestige.

  • Unmatched quality: made from genuine 100% recycled PVC, these car mats are known for their durability and performance in every kind of weather. Unlike others that might curl, crack or harden in low temperatures, Pant Saver’s mats maintain flexibility and performance even at -60C (76° F).
  • Unique features: a unique Central Pan hold about 16oz.; strategic ridges in the Central Pan traps and hold dirt, sand, liquids; the strategic channels directs water into the pan making sure all is dry in your car’s floor.
    Additionally, its high borders ensure dirt, liquid and other mess remain within thus giving these mats a sure anti-spill property. Plus its micro hooks secures the car mats in place, it means the mats wont slip or skid.
  • They fit perfectly: a unique measuring system ensures they fit your Porsche’s interior and contours perfectly- zero cutting, manipulation or adjustment!
  • Effortless installation: in less than a minute they can be installed to fit perfectly without the need for screws, bolts or fasteners.
  • Guarantees: Money back guaranteed if they don’t fit as desired.
  • Warranty: for life, you get a warranty against cracking or breaking.

Dedicated to providing the safest, most reliable and durable Custom Fit mats for vehicles including your Porsche; Pant Saver has served North America for 25 years. We insist in providing Eco-friendly, non-toxic car mats that exceeds all safety, performance and durability standards. PantSaver custom Fit Porsche car mats is best suited for protecting your car, improving its resale value, yet at an affordable price- order one now!


The pride of its owners, few cars boast the reputation and prestige of the Porsche and for good reasons.

Here are some few historical facts about this classic car brand:

  • The cars were named after the founder Ferdinand Porsche.
  • In 1931, Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche. A fallout with the Austro-Diamler company forced Ferdinand Porsche to start his own company- the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
  • The model 356 was the first car to bear the “Porsche” name.
  • The first 365 model was built in an old saw mill by hand and a total of 49 cars were made.
  • 1953 was the year the famous Porsche badge was placed on its cars.
  • After 17 years, in 1965, the last classic Porsche 356 model left the production line.
  • In August 1964 that the first 901 was made public. However due to a patent on three numbers with a zero in the middle, the 901 was changed to 911.
  • At the 1974 Paris Auto Show, Porsche presented the 911Turbo. The first sports car with exhaust turbocharger and pressure regulator in the world.
  • The one millionth Porsche left assembly line in 1996.
  • Porsche 911- first sports car made by Porsche since 1963.
  • Porsche Boxster- a mid-engine roadster built by Porsche since 1996.
  • Porsche Cayenne – it is a five-seat mid-size SUV manufactured since 2002.

Premium Protection. Built-in Safety.

Better protection than any competitive mat.

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Patented Central Pan

The Pants Saver Custom Fit unique central pan outperforms competing mats by trapping up to 500 ml (16 oz.) of water to help keep water and dirt from damaging your car or clothing.

High border

Maximum spill protection keeps water from leaking out into your car.

Built-in grooves

Raised grooves channel water and dirt from your boots and shoes into the central pan.

Anti-slip zone

Increases your driving security by maximizing your feet adherence to the car mat.

Precision grip zone

A strategically placed band featuring micro-hooks is embedded at the back of your mat to help it grip the vehicle carpet and prevent slippage.

Anti-skid backing

Hundreds of strategically placed "nibs" at the back of your mat holds it in place.

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