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Pants Saver Custom Fit Saab Car Mats

Keeping things dry, clean, and beautiful in your Saab just got easier with these affordable, yet quality with these custom Fit Saab Car Mats. These mats impress with practical design and exceptional technology to ensure your car is protected against mess. From liquid spills, snow melts, dust and dirt, these car floor coverings will effortlessly take the burden off your vehicle.

A unique measuring system means a perfect fit and mould to every contour, all hard to reach corners will be covered. What makes it cooler is the fact that all these are achievable without the need for messy cutting or adjustments.

The biggest draw however is in the unparalleled quality, full functional features that are the hallmark of the Custom Fit mats made exclusively for your Saab.

  • High standards: built to pass all safety, performance and durability standards in the industry.
  • Reputable: for 25 years Pant Savers have manufactured and sold millions of car mats in North America to become a top choice among car owners.
  • Durability: made from 100% PCV, these mats come into their own in all kinds of weather. Worried about hardening, curling or breaking? Not these mats! Even at low extremes -60C (76° F), flexibility, performance and durability still remains tip top.
  • A patented one of its kind Pant Saver’s Central Pan ensures your Saab floors remain dry. You won’t believe it can hold up to 500ml (16oz.) direct liquid?
  • Dedicated water channels direct water to the Central Pan. Plus strategic ridges within the Central Pan trap and collect liquid, dust, and dirt.
  • Special micro hooks and security system keeps the mat in place giving it a unique anti-skid characteristics.
  • High border lips means the mats are ant-spill in nature thus keeping the mess from spilling over onto the car floor.
  • Installation is easy and effortless just in seconds without the need for screws, bolts or fasteners.

Our life time warranty against cracking and breaking covers every purchase, and if you’re not satisfied with the fit, you’ll get your money back!

These exceptional qualities and a highly competitive pricing mean you no longer have an excuse not to protect your Saab from within and improve its resale value and beauty. Don’t delay; get your Pants Saver Custom Fit Saab Car Mats here, now!


  • Saab is a Swedish Car, that is currently owned by General Motors
  • It is popular as a very eco-friendly vehicle.
  • Saab started in 1937 before WWII, building aircraft engines.
  • The first Saab 92 was made public in 1949.
  • Original designs incorporate aerodynamic designs to reduce wind drag in a bid to be fuel efficient. Indeed fewer cars today can compete with the 92's or modern day Saab cars' fuel economy.
  • The Saab 93 was one of the most popular cars in Scandinavia by 1959.
  • Today several countries like Germany and Sweden have manufacturing plants that produce the current models of Saab 9-3 and 9-5.
  • The 9-7X SUV is being manufactured in Ohio.

Premium Protection. Built-in Safety.

Better protection than any competitive mat.

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Patented Central Pan

The Pants Saver Custom Fit unique central pan outperforms competing mats by trapping up to 500 ml (16 oz.) of water to help keep water and dirt from damaging your car or clothing.

High border

Maximum spill protection keeps water from leaking out into your car.

Built-in grooves

Raised grooves channel water and dirt from your boots and shoes into the central pan.

Anti-slip zone

Increases your driving security by maximizing your feet adherence to the car mat.

Precision grip zone

A strategically placed band featuring micro-hooks is embedded at the back of your mat to help it grip the vehicle carpet and prevent slippage.

Anti-skid backing

Hundreds of strategically placed "nibs" at the back of your mat holds it in place.

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