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Pants Saver Custom Fit Tesla Car Mats

With liquid and dirt threatening to damage your vehicle your best weapon is to protect your Tesla with PantsSaver’s custom fit car mats!

These car mats ensure clean and dry car floors thanks to their unique design, top line engineering and many practical features. These include a patented Central Pan, high borders and durable 100% recycled PVC that’s better than rubber make them indispensable protectors of your Tesla.

Whether it is dust or debris, snow melts or liquid spills, the mats offer the right protection for every model of Tesla.

This great-must-have for your e-car features the following:

  • Quality- 100% recycled PVC will impress even at -60C (76° F), so don’t shiver. Unlike other type of mats, they won’t curl, harden or break.
  • Reputation- for 25 years Pant Saver has been associated with manufacturing and selling of millions of best in class custom fit car mats in North America making these mats a top choice in the market.
  • Perfection- the unique measuring system means they will fit perfectly thus covering every inch of your Tesla car’s floor bar messy cutting and manipulation.
  • A central Pan that has the potential to hold 500ml (16oz.) of direct liquid or snow melt. Plus strategic ridges inside the Pan help in trapping and holding sand, dirt, and liquid.
  • Channel grooves to direct liquid into the Central pan.
  • High border lips that prevents unwanted mess from spilling over into your car’s floor.
  • A life time warranty against cracking or breaking.
  • Be at home with Money back guaranteed if they don’t fit.
  • Easy installation- just in seconds, at home or anywhere without screws, bolts or fasteners.

No one wants moldy car floors; stench and other unsightly results of dirt and dampness. They are avoidable and won’t cost the world. Don’t wait for liquid and dirt to ruin your ride, get ahead with Pants Saver Custom Fit Tesla Car Mats to protect your car.


In 1882 Nikola Tesla proposed the concept of an electric car design. Other historical accounts linked to today’s Tesla can be traced back to the 1930’s. Legend has it that Tesla and his uncle built an electric car in New York. Today the name remains and the idea has found life in the guise of Tesla electric cars.

Speed, stamina and power are some of the biggest draws of Tesla e-cars. Rather than a disadvantage, the electric factor is just a unique selling point for this incredible masterpiece of engineering that is poised to change the way we know cars.

  • 0-60 MPH in under 4 seconds
  • Incredible performance
  • Wonderful handling and ergonomics
  • Outstanding styling
  • Eco-friendly

Long drives without the need to charge and luxury style are not only what the Tesla offer, powered by electric it promises to be the ultimate cost efficient and planet friendly car.

Premium Protection. Built-in Safety.

Better protection than any competitive mat.

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Patented Central Pan

The Pants Saver Custom Fit unique central pan outperforms competing mats by trapping up to 500 ml (16 oz.) of water to help keep water and dirt from damaging your car or clothing.

High border

Maximum spill protection keeps water from leaking out into your car.

Built-in grooves

Raised grooves channel water and dirt from your boots and shoes into the central pan.

Anti-slip zone

Increases your driving security by maximizing your feet adherence to the car mat.

Precision grip zone

A strategically placed band featuring micro-hooks is embedded at the back of your mat to help it grip the vehicle carpet and prevent slippage.

Anti-skid backing

Hundreds of strategically placed "nibs" at the back of your mat holds it in place.

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