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Pants Saver Custom Fit Volvo Car Mats

With Pants Saver Custom Fit Volvo Car Mats your car will look its best and be protected against the dangers dampness and dirt pose.

Protecting the value of your car should always be a priority. Among many other methods and procedures, one sure way you can help improve the value and beauty of your car is with these mats. For 25- years, Pant Saver has been providing car owners with best in line car mats that has exceeded industry standards in safety, performance and durability. So avoid breakages, cracking and tears associated with inferior car mats and rely on a trusted brand.

This is a car mat that serves its purpose thanks to its outstanding features, breakthrough design and advanced engineering. Bottom line, the Custom fit car mat is perfect for your Volvo.

Here is why:

  • They are easy to install- this won’t take up to a minute and does not require screws, bolts or fasteners.
  • Top quality and durability- made from 100% recycled PVC which is better than rubber; these mats are all weather and made to stand the test of time. At -60C (76° F), they’ve been proven to perform exceptionally well, maintaining their flexibility and durability without hardening or curling.
  • A special measuring system ensures they fit perfectly in your Volvo, covering every space and contour.
  • Money back guaranteed if they don’t fit.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking.
  • They are eco-friendly and non –toxic.
  • High borders to keep the mess within the mats.
  • Unique micro hooks that ensure the mats are anti-skid.
  • It can hold up to 500ml (16oz.) of liquid in its special patented Pant Saver Central Pan. Additionally, ridges within this Pan help to trap and hold sand, dust and liquid.
  • Specialized liquid grooves effortlessly direct liquid into the Central Pan.

Without a doubt the Pants Saver Custom Fit Volvo Car Mats is the best way to avoid the troubles that are associated with dirt and liquid spilling onto your automobile- order one now for better results.


The beginning was 1927, the locale, Sweden; a company was born- Volvo. The company grew to become one of the top car manufacturing company through the 1900’s and was associated with affordable prices and undeniable quality.

But do you know?

  • “Volvo” in Latin means “I Roll.”
  • Before the advent of tons of options, the Volvo OV4 series were the first class from the company to roll out to the public.
  • 297 was the number of cars Volvo manufactured in its maiden year.
  • Believe it or not, Volvo made a truck in 1928 and it was quite popular.
  • After World War II, Volvo as a global brand grew. During that period, they manufactured buses and aircraft engines as well.
  • Ford Motor Company acquired Volvo Car Corporation in 1999 and today Volvo cars are manufactured via Ford with Volvo specifications.
  • 1999 Volvo Car Corporation was sold to Ford Motor Company. The Volvo car is just a portion of the Volvo Group. However, the cars are being manufactured through Ford with the Volvo specifications.
  • Currently their range of vehicles includes cars, trucks, SUV's, and others.

Premium Protection. Built-in Safety.

Better protection than any competitive mat.

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Patented Central Pan

The Pants Saver Custom Fit unique central pan outperforms competing mats by trapping up to 500 ml (16 oz.) of water to help keep water and dirt from damaging your car or clothing.

High border

Maximum spill protection keeps water from leaking out into your car.

Built-in grooves

Raised grooves channel water and dirt from your boots and shoes into the central pan.

Anti-slip zone

Increases your driving security by maximizing your feet adherence to the car mat.

Precision grip zone

A strategically placed band featuring micro-hooks is embedded at the back of your mat to help it grip the vehicle carpet and prevent slippage.

Anti-skid backing

Hundreds of strategically placed "nibs" at the back of your mat holds it in place.

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